Mhaigh Eo Greeting Cards


Mhaigh Eo
Meaning Plain of the Yew Tree.

This tree is growing out in Lenanne, and there they call it the Fairy Tree.  When I saw it I decided that this was going to be my homage to 1916…I am part of a wonderful group of talented Artists called Craft Works Mayo, and we were asked to paint something to honour 1916.  I felt that I would be unable to do justice to some of the obvious and iconic themes of that time, hence I picked this tree. I feel it is our story in so many ways…

Standing alone…Ireland an island
Rooted in solid ground…We have always been here, we have a great history and heritage behind us
Branches Reaching Out…We have a long history of emigrating worldwide and we consistently retain our Irishness.  We always have a welcome for all who return to us, indeed we have a welcome for all who visit our beautiful Island
We as a nation have had our own troubles but we accept them and carry on…standing tall and proud

Prints and cards:
Laser printed on Colotech Satin Finish 350 gsm pulp board, P.E.F.C. and Ecolabel Certified

Style: Portrait

Size: 4×6 inches

4 Greeting Cards for €11
10 Greeting Cards for €25

Additional information

Weight 0.054 kg
Dimensions 10 × 15 cm

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